Serine is made by Graham Cowley with assistance from Rod McIvor at Marsden Estate.

The style of the wine is determined by the vineyard site and viticulture practices so the winemaking style is essentially one of minimum intervention.

Finishing the wine is where more influence can be imparted on the wine. The choice of the oak, how long its in oak, adjusting acid and pH levels, fining and filtering can all change the wines final characteristics.

We have found over the years our Syrah naturally has a vanilla creamy character and so we have stopped using new oak barrels. Indeed new barrels are seldom used in Hermitage and Cote Rotie. We started this with Serine 2006. We did use a little new oak in the 2007 but the 2009 and 2010 wines are all from three year or older barrels, yet are still quite creamy.

We also try and avoid filtering or fining wines to best preserve all the nuances of the fruit. However for technical reasons the 2010 wines were filtered as was the 2007.